Peter and I went to our first mom and baby yoga class today. I’m still nervous when taking him out—not knowing if he’ll fuss or cry or what.  But he surprised me a in a way I really wasn’t expecting in class today…

This little guy needs a whole song and dance to go to sleep normally—he’s not one to just blissfully drift to sleep (not even in my arms!). But take a look at the photo above- something about that calm yoga class had him so relaxed he just took an impromptu snooze with no help from mom, no swaddle, none of our normal necessary tricks. I was shocked and happily let him sleep while I enjoyed class.

Apparently mom and baby yoga isn’t just relaxing for the moms (though I certainly found it so)—even with the noise of classes (and let’s be honest a mom and baby yoga class may be the nosiest yoga class out there!), he was so blissed out he just drifted off to sleep. Guess who is definitely going back next week??

-Kathleen Donahoe, co-owner Oh Baby! Fitness, and new mom to two month old Peter

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2 thoughts on “Peter’s first mom and baby yoga class

  • March 11, 2014 at 2:44 am

    Babies love noise to sleep with!

  • March 11, 2014 at 9:26 am

    It is stressful taking your baby out. It gets easier with practice. Oh Baby mom and baby classes are easy, safe first trips for new moms and babies. Love to your new family, Kathleen!


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