This is the beginning of an ongoing series where Oh Baby! Licensees share their experience and advice about owning their own business teaching Oh Baby! Fitness pre and postnatal classes. Interested in teaching Oh Baby! Fitness classes in your area? Find out more here

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Greater Boston, Massachusetts Licensees
Kristen St. Amour & Katelyn Woodard
* 11 Locations
* 18 classes

What has been the most rewarding part of owning your own Oh Baby! Fitness business?

I love teaching the moms in my classes and getting to know them individually. Each mom is so different and each brings a variety of experience and insight into their pre or postnatal experience. Every mom truly appreciates the classes, and it’s very rewarding  seeing them complete a workout class for themselves. I also find it rewarding to be able to own my own business and be available for my 2 little girls. They love watching me prep for a class at home and often join in on the exercises, it’s very sweet.

– Kristen St. Amour (see Kristen’s classes here)


What advice would you give someone interested in becoming a licensee with Oh Baby! Fitness ?

1.  Research, research, research!  Thoroughly understand your market, your demographic and the opportunity that exists or does not exist. Decide very early on if Oh Baby! Fitness will be a full or part time gig (this is very important)!

2.  Understand that securing locations to hold your classes does not mean the clients will come!  Be prepared to spend A LOT of time advertising in creative ways.  You will need to establish a strong presence in your community and make yourself and your services known.  It takes a while for people to not only hear about you but to decide to take a class and tell their friends.  Advertising/Marketing and getting out there are major activities in the day to day operations of my business.

3.  Understand your finances and what you will need to make this work!

4.  Be patient!  My first classes had very few people in them but I kept going, working hard and believing in my mission.  My classes slowly have begun to fill and I work hard every day to ensure that they continue to fill.  It is a full time job!

5.  Educate yourself, stay current and knowledgeable so that you are able to keep things fresh and answer the many questions your clients will have!

– Katelyn Woodard (see Katelyn’s classes here)


liza ter Kuile

Liza ter Kuile
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Operator Licensee
* 7 Locations
* 8 Classes

What’s the best part of being an Oh Baby! Fitness licensee?

To me,  being an OBF operator offers me the opportunity to bring two of my passions together- being a Mom and being a fitness instructor. It offers me the flexibility to set my own hours, so I can still be at home with my kids. Exercise makes me feel better mentally and physically. If I can offer Moms the opportunity to connect with other Moms and get fit, to me, it doesn’t get any better than that. I love teaching Oh Baby! Fitness classes!

– Liza ter Kuile, Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas. (see Liza’s classes here)

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