Oh Baby! Fitness has released a new mom & baby exercise mobile app on iTunes: the Mom & Baby Weekly Workout. The app offers a specific exercise for every week after the birth of baby…all the way to 6 months postpartum!

The Mom & Baby Weekly Workout shares everything Oh Baby! Fitness has learned from training nearly 30,000 women in prenatal and postnatal fitness. Each week’s video will target specific areas and help you strengthen and tone your post-baby body safely and effectively. Each exercise is designed to provide you with the most appropriate workout for your week of postpartum recovery using Pilates, Yoga and strength training exercises you can do at home with no additional equipment. We also show you how to incorporate your baby into the exercise! Short videos and descriptions show exactly how to do the exercise and will explain how the exercise will help build muscle, flatten the tummy or relieve stress.

screenshot of mom and baby exercise app.

You can string exercises together to make her own personalized, SAFE mom & baby workout. You can also track your workout each day, and note how you liked the exercise, if it was challenging, etc.

“We’re so excited to get this mom & baby exercise app on the market for Moms,” says Clare Schexnyder, founder and co-owner of Oh Baby! Fitness. “The app is easy to use and can be specifically tailored for each new Mom to get the perfect safe exercise that’s right for them.”

The Mom & Baby Weekly Workout App costs $3.99 and is available on iTunes in the App Store at:

The Mom & Baby Weekly Workout is the second app released by Oh Baby! Fitness. It joins their best-selling Pregnancy Weekly Workout App that’s been downloaded in more than 70 countries. Moms can see an exercise specific to their week of pregnancy, all the way up to 40 weeks, and create a workout that’s just right for their place in pregnancy.

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