Exciting news: in the last few months life has changed a ton! Not only did my family move to Seattle, we also added another baby to the crew. Beatrice was born in October and we’ve had so much fun with our new family of four.

introducing: Beatrice!

Part of why I’ve been quieter than normal is that exercise looks pretty different this time around. With Pete I was rocking the pushups and situps and more traditional exercises, but life is a little crazy with a newborn and just-turned-two year old. I literally started a yoga video one day last week when both kids were magically napping at the same time but only made it 5 minutes in before deciding to shut it off and take a nap myself (a decision I totally stand by).

That said, I feel good and strong and realized I AM exercising, just not in the same way I did with only one kid. Here’s what exercise looks like now that we’ve got two little ones around the house:


Please meet my two heaviest weights: Pete and Bea.


What exercise looks like in my house with two kids:

Walking to the playground

Running to keep Pete from hitting baby Bea in the head with a ball

Holding 30 lb Pete in one arm and 12 lb Bea in the other as we walk back home from the playground as both the stroller AND the sidewalk are apparently made of hot lava and everyone MUST BE CARRIED

Swinging Pete like a kettlebell to make him laugh

Sitting down to feed the baby and immediately standing up to keep Pete from jumping off the stairs. Repeat times ten.

SPRINTING to keep Pete from hitting baby Bea in the head with a hammer

Squatting down to put on Pete’s shoes, kiss his scraped knees, tickle his toes, wipe his nose, snuggle his dirty neck.


I’ll be honest, it’s a lot of squats. And life looks pretty different than I expected. But moving and being in shape has been even more important than ever- two kids is no joke! But I’ve never been happier, even if I still can’t make it through a yoga video.

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