This is the beginning of an ongoing series where Oh Baby! Licensees share their experience and advice about owning their own business teaching Oh Baby! Fitness pre and postnatal classes. Interested in teaching Oh Baby! Fitness classes in your area? Find out more here

Denver, CO Licensee
Beth Jones
* 2 Locations, 3 Classes

-What advice would you give to someone starting out as an Oh Baby licensee?

Do your research and have patience. Really know the area that you’re interested in offering classes and what is already available there. Also know the demographic of women and what types of classes they are looking for. Some classes definitely appeal to different demographics, and it’s easier to fill classes that are unique to the area. Also, good communication skills are key. Make sure the locations that you’re contracting with know exactly what you are offering and how the process works. And then keep that communication open to address any issues that might arise. Finally, you have to have patience and be willing to promote your business. Oh Baby is wonderful in providing the tools and support needed to market these classes, but you still need to be active in getting participants to sign up. It might take a little while for classes to get started, but they will eventually fill and it’s well worth waiting for.

– What’s the best part of teaching Oh Baby classes? 

The connection I make with my mamas and the education that I can share. One thing I loved about the Oh Baby classes was that there is an education component to the classes. As a former teacher and a doula, I am passionate about sharing knowledge with others. I love being able to combine fitness techniques with information about how what we are doing in class can directly benefit them during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Then, when they come back and tell me how they implemented what I shared, well, that’s the best feeling in the world. Part of my goal of teaching these classes is to build a community of resources and friends for my pregnant and postpartum clients, and even this early on, I am seeing that happen. Also, I love that I can bring my kids to class and incorporate them into what I’m teaching. I get to teach what I love, spend time with my kids, and run my business too. It’s a perfect combination.

– Beth Jones (See Beth’s classes here)


Branchburg, New Jersey Licensee
Corie Lucas
* 2 Locations, 4 Classes

– Why did you decide to become an Oh Baby! Fitness licensee and what do you enjoy about it?

I decided to pursue the Oh Baby license program after going through the process of being my sister’s birth partner.  She is a single mom and I was her coach through prenatal classes and her labor and delivery.  It’s been 12 years since I delivered my last baby and it’s a very different experience being on the coach’s side.  I wanted to continue being surrounded by the miracle and blessings of pregnancy and young motherhood, which led me to Oh Baby.

I love being around the young moms and their babies.  It’s a joy to watch the babies change week to week and share stories of accomplishments and woes.  Motherhood is my own greatest accomplishment, and I love the opportunity to share in the joy of it with others.

-Corie Lucas (See Corie’s classes here)

LizShirk photo for blog

Chestertertown/Church Hill, Maryland Licensee
Liz Shirk
* 2 Locations, 3 Classes

– Why did you decide to become an Oh Baby! Fitness licensee, and what do you enjoy about it?

I have always loved taking fitness classes and wished I could include my kids when they were babies.  When I was pregnant with my 3rd child I began looking for classes in my area – pregnancy and mom & baby. I couldn’t find anything and decided why not start them myself as I had a love for fitness? When I began researching how to do this, I ran across the Oh Baby! Fitness website. Once I saw the variety of classes they had to offer and participated in their webinar, I knew it was the right fit. Becoming a licensee was a perfect solution to wanting to have a business of my own in a field that I love while still being able to stay home with my children.

My absolute favorite thing about teaching mom and baby classes specifically is that I get to bring my fitness buddy, Garrett (9 months) along with me! Where else can you bring your baby to work with you? It is such a special time for us to bond, and he loves being a part of the class. After class, it usually turns into an impromptu play date with the other babies, which is fun for all of us!

It is also fun to run into moms around town who take my class and tell me how much they enjoy it. I usually hear, “I slept so well last night! (pregnancy water aerobics) or, “I can really feel it in my legs today.” or,  “My daughter took such a great nap today after class; she loves it!” I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I have moms who come back and keep signing up for more sessions. It happens more than I expected and makes me realize how much they really enjoy the classes. I feel very lucky to have found Oh Baby! where there is such variety to choose from and for the amazing support Kathleen and Clare provide!

– Liz Shirk, (See Liz’s classes here)


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