Oh Baby Fitness Training

Oh Baby! Fitness is pleased to announce its next LIVE TRAINING WORKSHOP will be held in Austin,TX on Friday, October 10th from 9a-4:30pm.
The training will be held at the Well at Dell Fitness Center at Dell Parmer South Campus. Building PS3. 701 E Parmer Lane, Austin TX 78753 (I-35 and Parmer Lane)Sign up today for the Oh Baby! Fitness live training and receive an expert classroom presentation on Oh Baby’s Prenatal and Postpartum training manual AND extensive practical training on how to teach pregnant and postpartum women in a group setting.

Learn how to design a safe and effective training program for pregnant women and new moms. This comprehensive course will teach you how to assess clients at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum, and then create the appropriate fitness program based on ACOG guidelines. You’ll discover the benefits of exercise for pre/postnatal women and will feel confident in teaching modified pelvic floor and abdominal exercises, strength training and cardio workouts. You’ll also learn how to talk to your clients about the scientific changes their bodies are experiencing, and the best exercises to relieve the most common pregnancy complaints. Course includes an excellent postpartum section on the best exercises for recovery from c-section and vaginal birth and getting back to pre-pregnancy shape quickly and safely.

Interested? Click here to find out more and sign up for October’s Texas Training.


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