Often clients will take one or two Oh Baby! Fitness classes a week, but ask what they can be doing in between classes to stay in shape. I’ve been teaching a mom and baby fitness class for the last few weeks and decided to offer “homework” to the class. It was completely optional, but a number of moms have taken me up on it and have said they can see and feel a real difference in their fitness level. I thought I’d share the homework in case you are looking for exercises to do at home with your baby. I also created a pregnancy version. I know there were many days back when I was pregnant where leaving the house to workout felt impossible, but doing some exercises in the living room felt great.

The secret to these workouts is that they are cumulative, and you have the whole week to perform them. Over four weeks, work up to completing the entire series (note that you have the entire WEEK to do the exercises).

Here’s how it works: during the first week, do only one exercise (ie, just the pushups). During the second week add in a second exercise (ie, do the pushups and sit ups). Add an exercise each week until the fourth week, when you’ll be doing the whole series.


(do these over a WEEK– not all in one day)

50 Plank Jumps (see photo above- Jump your feet forward then back to plank)

100 Pushups

200 sit ups

300 walking lunges



(do these over a WEEK– not all in one day)

5 minutes of wall sits

5 minutes of plank

500 walking lunges

500 squats

Looking for more exercises to do at home? Check out our Exercise Apps online. The Oh Baby! Fitness Pregnancy Weekly Workout app and Mom and Baby Weekly Workout app! Both can be downloaded on iTunes. Each app gives a specific exercise for each week of the prenatal or postpartum period. String them together to create your own personalized workout that meets exactly where you are in pregnancy or postpartum.

See our Exercise Videos too!

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  • December 23, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    Spot on, I like this.. I checked the App but I don’t have Ios phone.. can you provide android? cheers.


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