We love getting moms together to workout, but we also know you need moves to you can do at home with your baby. Here are our five favorite exercises you can do with your little one. Baby acts as weight to make each exercise more difficult. Added bonus: your baby will have BIG fun. You can put all five of these exercises together to make your very own at-home mom and baby workout!

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To perform this, hold your baby under his armpits while keeping your back straight, chest lifted and knees soft. Lower baby until his feet touch the ground, then pull with the backs of your legs to come back to standing. Take 3 sets of 15 to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes.



This is a simple and easy way to build strength and get your heart rate going. Hold baby close to your chest and make sure your entire foot is on each step for safety. Try to take 10 flights, but be sure you don’t compromise safety for speed.

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This is a baby favorite. Hold your baby face down horizontally, engage your abs while lifting your pelvic floor, then curl baby up and give a big belly kiss. Try for a set of 20, or as many as your giggling baby allows.

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You baby will love this- and it’s a trainer favorite as it hits chest, triceps and abdominals. Inhale as you lower towards baby, kiss his belly and then exhale as you push back up. Try for 3 sets of 15 today.

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Finish off with some serious glute and hamstring work. Place your baby on your hips facing you, dig your heels into the mat and exhale as you lift your hips. Return to the ground or hover your hips between reps to make it more difficult. Try for a set of 30.

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