One thing that is different about exercise when it comes to being pregnant is that the exercise should feel good. This can be so contrary to how most people think about exercise for their whole lives (“I’m so sore!” “My knees hurt!”) that it can be a pretty seismic shift. When it comes to exercising when pregnant, the exercise should make you feel better. And I don’t just mean psychologically, I mean physically: exercising is one of the best ways to deal with some of the most uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy.

In the coming weeks, I’ll write more about specific exercises- both what they are and how to do them- that help alleviate some of the most common sources of discomfort for pregnant women. As an introduction though, here is a big list of exercises that will make you feel better.

Lower Back Pain: Pilates, Birth Ball exercises, Wall Sits, Water Aerobics

Sciatic Pain: Pigeon Pose (yoga), Birth Ball exercises

Upper Back Pain: Modified Downward Dog (yoga)

Swelling: Water Aerobics, Swimming

Inability to sleep: Cardio, Major Muscle exercises (lunges, squats, modified push ups)

What exercises have you found that help make you feel better? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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