While preparing a speech on pregnancy and exercise this weekend, I started to think about all the different pregnancy symptoms that I’ve seen exercise help. I say the phrase all the time – “exercise can help manage almost all the crazy (and let’s be real, often painful or at least uncomfortable) pregnancy symptoms” but I’d never written it down to make a list of what I know exercise can help with. As a ran through my mental rolodex of clients, I was astounded by how many different symptoms and physical complaints exercise has helped with. Here’s my running list so far:

Swelling (feet and hands)

Calf Cramps/Charlie horses

Varicose Veins

Pelvic Pain

Pubic Symphysis

Hip pain

SI Joint pain

Sciatic pain

Spinning breech babies to head down position

Carpel Tunnel



Control/Manage Gestational Diabetes

Control overall weight gain

That’s a pretty big list! Seeing it all listed out is a great reminder about why exercise can be so beneficial during pregnancy—it’s not only good for the health benefits (for both mom and baby), it also can really, clearly, immediately help manage the worst parts of pregnancy. Pretty incredible stuff!

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