Calf cramps are extremely common during pregnancy. They often occur while you are sleeping, and can be very, very painful. We had one client who woke up one night with a calf cramp and in her half sleepy state woke up her husband by yelling, “the baby is coming out of my leg!” So yes, they can be really intense!

The good news is that there is something you can do to help prevent them! Exercise- particularly stretching and walking- is one of the best ways to keep calf cramps from happening. Even a quick set of calf raises before bed can be helpful.

Secondly, watch your hydration. Not getting enough water during the day can mean painful cramping at night. Try to drink the bulk of your water in the morning and afternoon to avoid those pesky nighttime bathroom trips though!

Finally, talk to you doctor about supplements. Some pregnant women end up taking a magnesium supplement. Also, many many pregnant woman say that increasing their calcium helps with calf cramping. While there is currently no study that supports this, we’ve found that many of our clients experience serious relief if they increase their calcium intake.

So yes, this exercise blog is telling you to eat more ice cream! Try it at night as you do your calf raises, and see if it helps. Let us know in the comments, if it works for you!

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