There is one yoga pose that almost all pregnant women love- and for good reason. Watch the video below to learn about the cat/cow pose or pelvic tilt and back stretch.

This is a favorite among clients for good reason: the exercise gets the baby to hang away from the lower back and sciatic nerve. It also helps take the pressure off the pelvic floor and hips. We’ve had many moms say they start and end their day with a set of cat/cow in the bed and that it’s really helped with their back and pelvic floor pain.

But there are other benefits too! Cat/cow helps get the baby into the ideal vaginal birth position- head down. If you are starting to worry about baby position, add a set of cat/cow to your daily routine. Another great benefit is that cat/cow, along with being a great stretch, is also an abdominal exercise. Cat/cow actually has a little ab crunch built into to the exercise in the “cat” position.

Watch the video below and let us know if you have any questions about this great exercise!

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