EIGHT Oh Baby! Fitness Babies at a Playdate!

These are the kinds of pictures that make me stop and smile and feel so very proud of what Oh Baby! Fitness has accomplished. Not only do we give women a challenging and safe workout during their pregnancy and after.. we help build a community, foster a support network and forge friendships!

I know my closest friends I have today are moms and dads I met in a new parents’ support group I joined after I’d had my baby in 2004 (that was pre-Oh Baby! Fitness). They’re the friends I call now when I need to discuss parenting issues, vent, or ask for a favor or play date. Some of my daughter’s best friends today were babies in that original group. I don’t know if it’s the vulnerability women feel during this time that makes the friendships they make while pregnant so special and deep… but you truly forge special bonds and long-lasting relationships during that time.

Over the five years of Oh Baby’s existence, we’ve heard from hundreds of moms that the community, conversations and friendships in their Oh Baby! Fitness classes have been life-changing. I’ll go out to restaurants or parks and see moms and babies hanging out.. and they tell me .. ‘We met in an Oh Baby class, and we’re inseparable!’ Facebook conversations abound between our new and expectant moms. Sharing advice, fears and excitement is the norm in an Oh Baby class and later online.

Come join us and see for yourself. And Moms, please keep sending these great pictures and stories! They melt my heart.

Clare Schexnyder
Owner and Founder of Oh Baby! Fitness

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