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Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring some of our favorite mom and baby exercises. We love mom and baby exercises because they are both effective AND a great way to play and bond with your baby.

For our first feature, we wanted to share one that babies love! This exercise is a traditional overhead press, using baby as the weight. To perform it,  put your hands under the baby’s armpits, lift them up until your elbows extend, then bring them back down and kiss their bellies. This exercise works your shoulders and core when performed correctly.

A couple of tips:

– Keep your belly button pulled to your spine and your lower back long– this is especially important when lifting heavier babies! 🙂

– Exhale as you lift your baby UP, and inhale as you lower them.

– Keep your feet hip distance apart to provide a stable base.

Let us know what your baby thinks of this exercise– and Dads love this one too!




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