Note from Co-Owner Kathleen Donahoe:  So I’ve got a confession to make—we’ve been keeping a secret here in our Oh Baby! Fitness Atlanta classes. For the last 5 years, we’ve been teaching women something super simple, but super revolutionary. We’ve received so many emails from doctors and clients that what we’ve been teaching has CHANGED the way women give birth. Basically, we’ve been teaching women how to push out their babies.

For years, I heard over and over again that what we were teaching, this technique, worked amazingly well, but I couldn’t personally verify it. So once I was pregnant, I was nervous and excited to get to “try out” what I had been teaching to a few thousand women over the last 5 years. And honestly, not only did it work, it worked better than I ever expected. During Pete’s birth when it  got to be time to push, not only was I not scared, I felt ready. I knew exactly what to do, and it worked. Less than 30 minutes after I started pushing- Pete was born. What could have been a scary and a physically traumatic time was instead an empowering, wonderful experience, and I think it’s because of Coordinated Pushing.

We’ve got some exciting news- today we are releasing an app that will teach women all over the world the technique of Coordinated Pushing. Now women don’t have to be in Atlanta, or taking an Oh Baby! Fitness class to learn the super simple (it’s five steps), super effective (we get emails every day from clients about how successful it was) technique. I couldn’t be more excited, and honestly more proud to share this app with the world.

The app is called exactly what it is: How to Push Out Your Baby.  It’s five videos that take you through the technique step by step. We’ve found that clients who watch the videos more than one time, and then practice the technique are especially successful. Coordinated Pushing is not an airy-fairy, metaphorical approach—it’s going to teach you a muscle-based method- the true physiology of pushing. You’ll know what muscles to use, what muscles to relax, how to breathe and how to get your baby OUT (and if you are anything like me you’ll be thinking “GET OUT BABY” as you use it!) in the most efficient, effective way.

Please spread the word. You can download that app here—I can’t wait to hear how this technique works for you.

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