Oh Baby! Fitness is thrilled to announce our newest class offering: the Pushing Partner Workshop: How to Push Out Your Baby. Based on our bestselling app, this pelvic floor, yoga and abs class will prepare women for the most difficult stage of childbirth: pushing!

This 90 minute workshop teaches pregnant women and their partners the Oh Baby! Fitness Coordinated Pushing technique, as well as basic breathing and labor positions. Participants will be empowered as they learn the physiology of pushing and will be able to practice a way to efficiently push out their baby.

This is NOT a childbirth class. It’s a “How to Push Out Your Baby” class with the added bonus of additional exercises to do to prepare for labor and a few for during labor.

Many pregnant women take childbirth classes where they learn various poses and breathing sequences they can use during labor. However, very few childbirth classes teach women how they will push the baby out. As you learn about your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, you’ll also gain the muscle awareness that will assist you during the pushing stage of labor. You’ll come away knowing belly breathing and coordinated pushing- a proven physiological approach to the most difficult stage of labor.

Sign up for upcoming workshops in Dallas on June 14th and Atlanta on August 2nd. Both workshops will be taught by Oh Baby! Fitness co-owner and senior instructor Kathleen Donahoe. The workshop is $50 to attend (price is for pregnant mom and partner).

Download the How to Push Out Your Baby app today and get started practicing the technique before you attend the workshop.

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