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Almost all of our prenatal classes will include the yoga pose cat/cow. This stretch is one of the favorites of our pregnant moms. Benefits include:

–       Encourages mobility in a stiff spine

–       Strengthens the lower back

–       Helps lessen lower back pain

–       Helps decrease hip pain

–       Strengthens the abdominals

–       Helps encourage baby to move into ideal birth position

–       Helps with round ligament pain

–       Strengthens shoulders

A great thing—cat/cow can be done anywhere! Wake up with hip pain? Take a couple cat/cow stretches next to your bed. You can even do them in bed!!!  Lower back hurts at work? Close your office door and come to all fours to stretch it with cat/cow. Worried about a breech baby? Cat/cow can help.

What yoga poses and postures did you enjoy during your pregnancy?

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