When they first find out they are pregnant, many women can’t imagine that they will be exercising right up until their due date. However, it is very common for women who are active during pregnancy to continue to exercise regularly right up until their baby is born.

Good news is that if you are not at risk for preterm labor, exercise in the third trimester is not only safe, it’s crucial in preparing you for a safe and efficient delivery.

There are a couple of modifications to keep in mind.
1- Your balance is at its worst in the third trimester. Avoid exercises that require quick changes in direction or that rely on steady balance. (ie: tennis, step aerobics, complicated choreography in aerobics routines).
2- Focus on exercises that will help you prepare for labor and recovery from birth. Wall sits, abdominal exercises and lower back stretching are all great exercises to continue in the third trimester.
3- Listen to your body. Many women experience big swings in fatigue in this stage of pregnancy. Keep an eye on your fatigue, and don’t exercise if you are feeling particularly exhausted. When you’re extremely tired, you increase your likelihood of injury.

Moms- did you exercise in the third trimester? What exercises felt good?

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