Awesome article from Workout of the Week on an Oh Baby! Fitness Pregnancy Pilates class.

I’ve copied the entire article here because I think it’s so great!

Pregnancy Pilates
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 | Writinggal

I decided that, since I’m pregnant, it would be fun to try and feature some prenatal classes. Now, if you’re not pregnant, don’t click away! You’ll want to read this in case:

-You become pregnant

-You know someone who is pregnant

-You know someone who may become pregnant

Now that applies to just about everyone, right? Okay, then. Read on:

I took Pregnancy Pilates through Oh Baby! Fitness which offers pregnancy and mom & baby exercises classes. I expected the class to include very similar moves to a regular Pilates class but with a lot of modifications and cues of, “Be careful! It’s not safe for your baby if you do this! Just do two reps because after all, you’re pregnant!”

I was surprised and pleased that I was wrong. Our instructor, Corrinna Edwards, is a doula who is training to be a midwife. That means she knows tons about pregnancy and childbirth. She’d often mention how a certain exercise could help us to have a more comfortable pregnancy and/or a better delivery. All the moves seemed to be designed for a pregnant woman’s body but they weren’t easy by any means. In fact, they were pretty challenging.

We started with seated work where we did a lot of moves that really felt like they were stretching and strengthening our backs. We did leg-lift moves while lying on one side (very challenging). We did Pilates push-ups and finished with standing work. Sure, she offered modifications but never did I feel like being pregnant meant I had to hold back. If I felt strong enough to do something, I could do it. It wasn’t watered-down Pilates; it was truly pregnancy Pilates!

I would recommend a pregnancy or pre-natal Pilates class to any pregnant woman, especially if it’s designed the way this one was. You can learn the moves in class and then do them at home too. Not only could it help you become flexible, strong and relaxed, but it’s a great way to bond with your baby.

Thanks to the cooperative pregnant ladies in the class for posing for this picture. Look at our good balance!

Instructor Corrinna is on the left. And then there’s me—the girl who lost her balance. Better practice more!

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